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HOW TO SELL A HORSE is part of the Horse Professionals Network.  A set of interconnected equestrian websites that feed each other information.  Your listing is requested through HPN and shown on the respective website.  For a horse sale, that website is

Become a HPN Trainer or Services Member 

Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platinum Levels.
Each monthly membership allows to you list a horse or horses(s) as a part of your monthly fee. Plus your listing will be interconnected with the horse sale ad.  Potential buys can see who you are and where you are located. 

They can even instantly text you for an inquiry WITHOUT them ever knowing your mobile number.  Instant access.

AS a member you may have anywhere from 1 to unlimited number of Horse Ads Listings, at no extra cost.   To request a new horse ad, login to your account and under “Your Listings” you will find a button to request another Ad.  No extra fees . Everything is included. 

List each horse as a separate listing

Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platinum Levels.
If you are not a trainer or other equestrian service provider, choose the individual listing method.  Purchase what you want and not more than you need.  Each level determines how many photos and videos you may place in your ad.

ALL Fees are flat.  No surprises.  No extra fee’s for a new photo, video or description.  All the items that nickle and dime your membership.  PLUS HPN will never be involved in your sale, nor require referral fees.


Explore what your Sale Horse Listing can look like


Listing a horse is a 4 step process.

  1. Purchase a membership or individual listing HERE.
  2. The system will automatically create a account. 
  3. The system will then send you a email verification, making sure that you are, who you say you are.  
  4. You will then receive, at the same e-mail address, a reciept of your purchase. At the top of this receipt is a link.  Click on it to fill out your Sale Horse Listing.
  5. We do the rest.

List A Horse NOW

List your horse with a HPN Membership or Direct Listing

Need more help?  Watch the Video(s)

HPN Sign up Process - "The Purchase"

HPN Sign up Process - "Filling out the Horse Listing Form"

List A Horse NOW

List your horse with a HPN Membership or Direct Listing
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